How can I add a quiz?

The Quiz activity lets you administer a wide range of questions within a specific layout and order, provide different kinds of feedback based on how a student performed on the quiz, and control the ways that students can access the quiz.

To add a Quiz activity, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to course page.
  2. Click "Turn editing on".
  3. Click "Add an activity or resource" link on a week/topic you want to add Attendance activity.
  4. Select "Quiz" from the list and click "Add" button.
  5. General settings of activity will be displayed. Type a name for the activity which will be displayed on course page (e.g. Quiz 1).
  6. If you want to inform students about the quiz, you may add these instructions and information to "Description" box.
  7. Using "Timing" section, you can determine when will the quiz start, when will it end and how long will students have to answer questions. Click "Enable" boxes in order to adjust timing options.
  8. Using "Grades" sections, you can determine how many attempts are allowed and if multiple attempts are allowed which grade will be counted as the grade of this quiz.
  9. After completing settings, click "Save and Return" button.

When a quiz is saved, the activity is ready but you need to add questions. To add questions, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the name of the quiz.
  2. If there are no questions added, "Edit quiz" button will be displayed. Click this button. Click "Add" menu which is located on the right bottom of the window. Select the appropriate option. The options are:
    • a new question: Question Types dialog box will open and you are required to select which type of question you want to add. After question type selection, you will determine question, options and correct answer. Each new question will be added to Question Bank of your course. 
    • from question bank: You can create questions before quiz and add them to Question Bank. If so, you may select the questions from question bank to add the quiz.
    • a random question: You need to create questions and add them to Question Bank before creating the quiz. Then, you may select how many random questions from question bank to be chosen. 
  3. After adding all the questions, check "Maximum grade" box. If you need to change it, type the new maximum grade and click "Save" button.
  4. Quiz is ready.

For more information please visit "Öğretim Elemanları için ODTÜClass Kullanıcı Kılavuzu" page:43.