How can I upload my grades to gradebook?

You can enter your grades in a file in your computer, and then upload it to ODTUClass. For that, you can follow the next steps:

  1. Save your grades document as a "CSV file".
    • This file should include a column such as id number or email to identify students.
  2. To be sure, open .csv file with a text editor (such as Notepad):
    • Check the separator. In most cases separator is either comma or semicolon.
    • Check the decimal separator: It should be "dot (.)".
  3. Go to ODTÜClass and open course page.
  4. Click "Grades" option from Course Administration.
  5. Click "Import" tab. "CSV file" tab will also be chosen.
  6. Drag and drop your .csv file to "File" box.
  7. Select the separator (step 2) of your file.
  8. Click "Upload Grades" button.
  9. Check "Import Preview".
  10. ODTÜClass will be matching the students in your file with the list of enrolled students according to your selection at the "Identify user by" section:
    • Select the column title of the student idenfier from "Map from" dropdown menu.
    • Select the matching data from "Map to" dropdown menu.
  11. From "Grade item mappings" section find the grade item you want to import and select the column title of the grades in your file using the dropdown menu.
  12. Click "Upload grades" button.