How can I show students the deadline of activities?

There are two ways advised to show the deadlines of the activities to your students.

  • Students can see the deadline of the activities in "Upcoming Events' block on your course page. The names and the deadlines of the activities are automatically transferred to this block. Moreover, it is possible to view all the activities and their deadlines by simply clicking "Go to calendar" button on the same block.
  • If you want the deadlines to be shown under the assignment itself, you can see "Description" section you face while adding the activity. On the other hand, if the activity has already been added to the system, and you want to add a deadline after, you need to click "Edit"  and  "Edit settings" in sequence. Then, enter the deadline in "Description" section and select " Display description on course page" option. Finally, click "Save and return to course" button. The deadline of the activity will appear below the activity itself.